Small Victories

Last night I had to fight off the cookie craving. Jeannette has these amazingly delicious cookies, sitting on the counter, all the time. I know exactly how good they are, and how wonderful it would be to eat one…

There are many different flavors to choose from: white chocolate macadamia, chocolate chunk, cranberry walnut, oatmeal raisin. These cookies are freshly made at the epicurean store where she shops. When I say they're delicious, I mean the eyes roll back toe curling variety.

…but I can't stop at one. One leads to all five, then to ice cream, then to whatever carbohydrate I can get my hands on: Granola, corn flakes, dove chocolates, pretzels; the list never ends. Once I contemplated eating her frozen cake straight from the freezer, even had myself convinced she wouldn't notice.

So, I had none, and won the battle one more day. 😄

Small victories are the best!